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Winterization for Wooden Hot Tubs and Therapeutic Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs and Spas Info Center > Owner's Guide > Periodic Maintenance > Winterization

Depending upon where you live, the weather may drastically change when the seasons change. The process of winterization is basically preparing therapeutic hot tubs for the winter time. In some locations, winter time can be harsh on therapeutic hot tubs because of freezing conditions which messes with the dreammaker spa pipes and shell among other things. So your first decision when it comes to winterization is whether or not you are planning on using your dreammaker spa during the winter season. Plus, we’ll go over what to do when it comes to wooden hot tubs.

So let’s first go over the procedure if you choose to winterize your dreammaker spa by flushing and draining it if you don’t plan on using it:
1.As a safety precaution, turn the power off of your therapeutic hot tubs
2.Flush your plumbing system and then drain your dreammaker spa water. Open the drain valve and make sure all the water makes its way out of the tub.
3.Remove your filter. Remember, every time you drain therapeutic hot tubs, you should clean the filter as well.
4.There may be several fittings on your spa's plumbing system that can be loosened enough to allow water to drain. If there are any open unions on the inlet and outlet of your therapeutic hot tubs pumps and heater, it is possible your pump housing has drain plugs. These plugs should also be opened since pumps can easily be damaged when dreammaker spa water freezes in the extremely cold temperatures.
5.Use a wet-dry vac to blow air into each of the jets of the hot tub to push out any excess water possibly lingering inside.
6.Clean the shell of your hot tub with a gentle compound. This is a great time to do this since all the water is removed and you’ll be very happy to have it clean when spring comes around.
7.Mop up every last remaining drop of water left in the dreammaker spa
8.Protect your wooden hot tubs cover by cleaning it inside and out and placing it tightly on top of the hot tub. Plus, make sure it is latched on snuggly and can stay in place if strong winds were to occur.
9.You also may want to consider a dreammaker spa coverall. This is a good idea if you do not have a wooden hot tubs enclosure so that your tub can survive all the weather elements it will be subjected to in the months to come.

Now let’s talk about the necessary wintertime procedure you’ll take if you do want to use your dreammaker spa during winter:
1.Correctly set the controls on your wooden hot tubs. Some hot tubs specifically have a wintertime setting, but if not, set your timer switch to cycle on at frequent intervals. This is extremely important because you do not want the water in your tub to freeze.
2.It is good to run your jets throughout the wintertime. This is because it will significantly increase energy consumption from the injection of the cold air into the spa water.
3.As far as cleaning goes, do not slack on the sanitizer upkeep. We recommend that you completely clean and drain your dreammaker spa once right before the bad weather begins, considering you most likely won’t want to do that in the middle of a snow storm. This is why it is important to maintain clean water through sanitizers.
4.Also, it could be a good idea to invest in a wooden hot tubs thermal blanket. These trap in heat so you won’t have to use so much energy to heat the therapeutic hot tubs.
5.And lastly, keep an eye on your therapeutic hot tubs water level. This is because if your spa loses enough water where the pump shuts down, the water will not be able to circulate, the heater won’t be able to run, and then your spa could freeze.

If you have wooden hot tubs, then there are some key points to keep in mind. For the most part wooden hot tubs should never be empty for a significant period of time. This is because, as the wood dries, it will shrink or crack and this can cause leaks when you refill it. Any remaining moisture in the wooden hot tubs wood which is able to freeze can also cause cracks in the dreammaker spa.

However, wooden tubs can be winterized. Follow the first procedure above for removing water from plumbing and the rest of the tub. But this time you need to leave a couple inches of water in the bottom. This water may freeze, but leaving it there will help prevent shrinking and cracking of the wooden hot tubs bottom. There may be a little bit of damage done by the time spring rolls around, but this is the best option for wooden hot tubs. Additionally, you’ll definitely want to invest in a dreammaker spa coverall to further protect the wood.