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Hot Tubs/Spas Heavy Metal

Hot Tubs and Spas Info Center > Owner's Guide > Water Quality & Balance > Heavy Metal

Another very important problem that can occur in your outdoor spa hot tub water is the presence of heavy metals. Just like calcium levels in water, the amount of heavy metals in your hot tubs/spas water most likely depends where you live and what the water is like in your region. With that being said, some local water contains high levels of copper and iron.

Some indications your hot tubs/spas have high levels of heavy metal:

  • A greenish tint in your outdoor spa hot tub water
  • Formation of stains on the outdoor spa hot tub shell
  • Presence of scales on the hot tubs/spas

If you notice any of these symptoms happening in your outdoor spa hot tub, you must take any measure to eliminate them. If not treated, these unfortunate metals can stain your hot tubs/spas shell and foul up your hot tubs/spas water heater among other things. Just like fixing an unbalanced pH level, calcium level, or alkalinity level, you must take the same steps to ensure a correct heavy metal level for your outdoor spa hot tub water.

Procedure to fix outdoor spa hot tub water with an unbalanced heavy metal level:

  1. Once the temperature of your outdoor spa hot tub reaches about 80 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius), you can start adding chemicals. Warm water will allow the granular chemicals to dissolve properly.
  2. Test and adjust the pH of the water to 7.6 - 8.2 by adding either a capful of pH up or pH down (add pH up if the pH tests low and vice versa). Allow the water to filter for 30 minutes before retesting the pH.
  3. 3.Add 1 capful of a stain and scale controller (i.e. protect plus) and 1 capful of hot tubs/spas water clarifier. Adding 2 ounces of an enzyme based product like natural clear will clarify the water and also reduce scum-lines and odors caused by body oils and cosmetic products.
  4. 4.Test and adjust the TA (Total alkalinity) of the water to 100. Add total alkalinity increaser to raise the alkalinity of the outdoor spa hot tub water or add spa decrease to lower the alkalinity.

This may sound repetitive however pH, calcium, alkalinity, and heavy metals are all intertwined when it comes to the initial set up of your outdoor spa hot tub water and the continual maintenance that is necessary for long lasting, healthy hot tubs/spas. By only balancing one of these components, you aren't making the hot tubs/spas water as a whole a safe place to relax.