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Hot Tub Installation and Hot Tub Service

Hot Tub Installation & Hot Tub Service

Hot tubs require two components for hot tub spa installation: a level surface for the tub to rest on and an electrical circuit to power the hot tub. The standard electrical requirement for a complete hot tub system is the standard 220 volt circuit including a white neutral wire and a green insulated ground wire (required by code). Electrical codes often require that the wiring be in a metal conduit and that a disconnect switch be within visible distance from the hot tub spa pump (local codes may differ).

An outdoor hot tub can be installed below grade (i.e. burred) with certain specific accommodations.s It is very important that the soil does not come in contact with the outside of the tub, and there needs to be space for draining your outdoor hot tub. Minimally, a tub needs 12" of clearance (a 5' diameter hot tub requires a 7' wide hole), a pit with a level surface for the tub to sit on, and retaining walls. In addition, some customers choose to place a sump pump in the 'pit' for additional drainage.

Whether you buy an infinity spa, cal spa, island escapes portable hot tub, sundance spa, master spa, vita spa, cal spa, coleman hot tub, marquis spa, dynasty spa, catalina spa, hot springs spa, island escape spa, dimension spa, artesian spa, paragon spa, Nordic hot tubs, coast spas, or serenity spa, you should follow the simple steps below for hot tubs spas installation.

  • STEP 1: Place the hot tub on the level surface or lower it into the pit. This should be ready before delivery.

  • STEP 2: Hook up the hot tub to the electrical source. This can be accomplished by a general electrical technician.

  • STEP 3: Fill the hot tub with water from a garden hose or whichever water source you desire.

  • STEP 4: Turn on your outdoor hot tub, insert the appropriate chemicals & allow your hottub time to heat to the desired temperature.