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Hydrotherapy (Hydrotherapy Jets) in Hot Tubs Spas & Portable Hot Tubs

Hydrotherapy (Hydrotherapy Jets) in Hot Tubs Spas & Portable Spa Hot Tubs

Hydrotherapy Jets Health Benefits in Hot Tubs Spas & Portable Spa Hot Tubs

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy Jet Systems in Outdoor Hot Tubs, Hot Tub Spas & Portable Spa Hot Tubs:

Hydrotherapy jets used in hot tubs bring relief from muscle stiffness and aches from rheumatism and arthritis. These hydrotherapy hot tub jets give the body maximum coverage, ensuring maximum benefit. Our hot tubs adjustable pulsation control enables you to choose how much pressure is best for you. Our hot tubs hydrotherapy jets are push button controlled enabling ease of use for those with diminished strength in their hands, limited eyesight or are arthritis. As little as 15 minutes of hot tub hydrotherapy jet relaxation a day can greatly improve the way you think and feel.

Hot tub Hydrotherapy is the treatment of illness and injury through the use of water. hot tubs Hydrotherapy treatments help relax muscles, relieve pressure on joints and bones, and rid your body of toxins that may be causing joint pain and inflammation. Hot tub Hydrotherapy also relaxes you both mentally and physically.

hot tubs Hydrotherapy is used to treat common ailments such as muscle cramps/weakness, diabetes, circulatory diseases, arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pain, muscle, bone and connective tissue injuries, balance disorders, stress and stress-related disorders, Hottub Hydrotherapy quickly becoming a popular and beneficial home health treatment, especially among seniors.

The gentle tingling sensation of air bubbles in your hot tub spa, and the massage-like motion of water jets create beneficial chemical reactions in your skin and body tissues. This leads to increased circulation, helping oxygenize tissues and evacuate toxins. In hottubs, your body weighs only 10% of its normal weight, so there is a large amount of physical stress removed from your joints and bones, to relieving you of pain and discomfort. This partial weightlessness you get from hot tubs also helps relax the body because muscles don't have to work as hard to keep the body in position.


Water is drawn into the suction fitting by the pump, and then pressurized water is forced out the discharge line where it is compressed through a small orifice in the jet increasing velocity. The water is released into the jet body. As the water is expanding in the jet body, it creates a vacuum. The air that is drawn in from the surface of the tub through the air control is mixed and blown out and into the hottub. The millions of small bubbles mixed with hot water directed over the person using the hot tub, creates a very soothing massaging effect called "Hydrotherapy". The air control valves are what control the amount of air injected into the system, allowing the hottubs hydrotherapy effect to work.