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Portable Spa Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Information

Choose Hot Tubs Direct doesn't offer Jacuzzi brand hot tubs. Jacuzzi is a brand name from the manufacturers of Jacuzzi. However, we do offer hot tubs, spas, swim spas, portable hot tubs & portable spas of equal quality & similar style to the Jacuzzi brand.

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Deciding to Purchase a Hot Tub or Portable Spa

portable spa portable hot tub cheap discount hot tubs

Making the purchase of a hot tub spa or portable spa hot tub could be one of the most beneficial and rewarding decisions that you make in your lifetime. Whether you are enjoying your hot tub with your family, having a romantic outing in your outdoor hot tub with your spouse or significant other, hanging in the hot tub with friends, or just receiving a massage after a hard day or workout, everybody can enjoy the warm & relaxing waters of a hot tub. Many people these days are investing in portable hot tubs for different reasons: to add value to their house, mind and body health benefits, social benefits, bonding with the family, or just to enjoy life and feel like a king in a jaccuzi spa. One thing for certain, there‘s nothing better and more satisfying than climbing into your very own steaming portable hot tub spa at the end of a long day and enjoying the soothing, relaxing hot water.

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Portable Hot Tub Spa Information

Because not everybody owns their own house or plans to live in the same house forever, sometimes portable hot tubs and spas that can be moved at any time are the best choice. New technology has made it easier than ever to own your own portable spa. Many portable hot tubs can run on 110 volts and simply plug into a standard wall outlet, ready to go right away. These units can save you lots of money by not using expensive electricians, plumbers, or wiring. Another great factor about portable spas is that in most cases, they won‘t inflict any increase your property taxes. Always remember to verify this with local officers before making a purchase. The best part about these portable hot tubs is that when you want to pick up and leave your current location, you don‘t have to leave your beloved portable spa, you can easily move the lightweight, one piece portable hot tub!

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Physical Health Benefits of Hot Tubs & Spas

Hydrotherapy is one the oldest, safest, and most commonly used methods for treating many common problems associated with one‘s body. Outdoor Exercise is good for the body, but when the damage outweighs the health benefits, you should rethink your strategy and go another route that would work better for you. Working out in water, or your own swim spa, is easier on your joints than exercising on land. On land accidents do happen such as tweaking your back, twisting ankles, or just the repetitive motions of running on cement & asphalt can be bad for your knees. By owning a swim spa or hottub, you can not only help alleviate the symptoms or flat out cure these problems, but you can also get the same exercise & workout the same muscle groups you can on land without the risk. Hottubs and portable spas can cure or help you with these problems associated with the body without the need of harsh drugs or dangerous surgery:

  • Arthritis, Common Body Aches, Stiffness, Cronic Pain & Portable Spa hot tubs
    • Hydrotherapy massage and the warm water of hot tubs increase blood flow to aching muscles and joints, helping to carry out unwanted toxins and debris (such as lactic acid) to relieve pain
    • Certain modern upscale, top of the line hot tubs have many specialized jets placed strategically (such as the back) to soothe swollen or stiff tissue and help your body feel better and free from cronic pain
    • hot tubs relax muscles, and decrease tension allowing for greater flexibility

  • Rehabilitation
  • Many athletes use hottubs as recommended by their sports organizations or trainers so they can come back 100% faster and resume their lives.

    • Relieve Back and Knee Pain: According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, four out of five Americans suffer from chronic back pain. Many studies show that hydrotherapy from hot tub portable hot tubs ease back and knee problems by reducing stiffness, stress, and pain.
    • Cardio Health: hot tubs give many of the health benefits of exercise with less strain on your heart. Relaxing in your portable hot tub spa increases heart rate while lowering blood pressure. In other forms of exercise you still increase your heart rate, but your blood pressure skyrockets and can be damaging to your heart.

*Hottubs can also be valuable tax write-offs when prescribed by physicians*

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hot tub Health Benefits- Wellbeing

At this moment, more than half of Americans suffer from some sort of illness due to living a stressful lifestyle. Taking a few minutes out of your busy day to focus on yourself and feel the serenity in your hot tub can offset everyday stress that leads to many problems. Some doctors and industry experts allege that portable hot tubs can help in weight loss, and reverse the effects of unpleasant bodily cellulite

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Top Hot Tub Manufacturers

Hot Tubs-Before You Buy, Think About These Factors

What are the hot tub's specific features and maintenance needs? What do I want out of my hot tub?
How many people will use this hot tub? Am I looking for a 2 person hottub, or a hot tub for the entire family to enjoy?
When the hot tub spa isn't being used, does the water stay warm and clean?
Am I looking for outdoor hot tubs? Or would I rather have an indoor hot tub?
Is it possible to adjust the hottubs jets to better enhance my hydrotherapy and concentrate on areas I need most?
Does the spa or hot tub offer a balanced filtration system?
What kinds of options does the hot tub manufacturer offer? Can I add steps, built in stereos/DVD players?
What kind of look do I want for my hot tub? Can I customize cabinet and interior colors of my hot tub? Can I add waterfalls or lighting systems? What other hottub features are offered?
Does this hot tub offer a warranty? How can I protect my hot tub investment?
Does the manufacturer offer any discount hot tubs? (From time to time hottub manufacturers will offer special, limited time promotions where they virtually cut prices in half. Wait for one of these discount spas, there are many quality yet cheap hot tubs for sale out there.)
***Thinking about these hot tub factors will greatly increase your happiness with your hot tub and save you money in the long run.***

Last but definitely not least, after purchasing a hot tub, make sure that you take time to enjoy all the amenities of your hot tub!

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