A Guide To Buying The Right Inflatable Hot Tub

A Guide To Buying The Right Inflatable Hot Tub

Small inflatable hot tubs are a great way to relax and release stress after a long day at work or for recreational relaxation. However, the important part is buying the right product. There are hundreds of different brands on the market, each offering different features and functionalities.

Luckily, for you, this guide contains all the benefits and reasons why you should opt for the best inflatable hot tubs instead of boring, solid hot tubs people usually have in their homes.

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7 Topnotch Benefits Of Portable Inflatable Hot Tubs

When it comes to versatility, durability and functionality, nothing can beat the inflatable hot tubs. In light of this, mentioned below are some incredible reasons to get one right now!

Enhance Mobility

Let’s start with a common and incredible convenient feature of a good portable and inflatable hot tub – mobility. You can’t ignore or neglect the fact that you can absolutely set up the hot tub anywhere you want inside or outside your house. For example, you can set it up right at your patio or backyard to enjoy a warm and sunny day with your kids playing in the tub alongside you.

People Sitting In Inflatable Hot Tub Outside

Moreover, you can also conveniently take the hot tub with you to camping or a weekend getaway in the woods or anywhere you want. The point is the inflatable spa is not subject to being fixed in only one place – unlike traditional hot tubs.

Top brands manufacture inflatable hot tubs with flexible and durable material, which means you can easily roll the hot tub when deflated and just put in the trunk of your car.

The Inflatable Materials Are A Source Of Increased Comfort And Relaxation

Look, there is no way you can feel relaxed and comfortable sitting in a solid, ceramic hot tub with a hard backrest. The most you will be able to enjoy this experience in 5 or 10 minutes tops. But when you come back from work stressed and tired the thought of sitting on something hard and solid places further stress on the mind. This isn't the case with inflatable hot tubs.

The reason why you never feel this way in a portable hot tub is because these products are designed with really soft and really flexible materials. The inner linings of an inflatable hot tub are soft. You can truly relax in it and maybe even doze off.

Value For Money

The best-rated inflatable hot tubs aren't that cost-effective, HOWEVER, there is no question that the right product will always give you an increased value for your money. However, they aren't that expensive as you may be thinking – which is primarily because the materials used to manufacture these products aren't that costly to produce.

Plus, inflatable hot tubs are a one-pump unit and are comparatively cheaper compared to bigger inflatable spa tubs.

Moreover, top quality products are designed with durable internal and external materials, which will undoubtedly last you a long time.

Plenty Of Features To Use As A Party Instrument

Irrespective of the weather – topnotch inflatable hot tubs will always be the center of attention during your party. There are products that are designed to accommodate up to 8 people at a time.

People Partying In Inflatable Hot Tub

You can have a Jacuzzi party during the summer with the music on max volume – drinks in hand – and just enjoy dancing and relaxing with your buddies in the tub. However, just remember that the bigger the part the more cleanup you will have to.

An Inflatable Hot Tub Can Be Easily Accessorized

Apart from looking amazing, the best inflatable hot tubs on the market also enable users to accessorize the entire tub as per their own specifications. Although reputable brands come with several built-in features, you can still do some of your own accessory decoration to either enhance the aesthetics of the tub or add a new functionality to it.

For example, you can attach a drink holder on each side of the tub so that when you are friends come they won’t have to keep holding their drink while enjoy floating in the tub. You can either buy accessories designed specifically for inflatable tubs or select a product that comes with different types of accessories.

You can also get steps to conveniently and safely get in the tub and get right back out without worrying about slipping or anything. You can also purchase a waterproof smartphone charging dock, which you can also use to plug in your device and listen to your favorite music. The accessory options are unlimited based on your specifications and are more of a personal factor.

Inflatable Tubs Are A Complete Stress Buster

There is no doubt you may have dreamed about coming back from a long day at work and just jump right in a tub full of warm water and some bubbly soap to release muscle tension and relax the joints.

Instead, you have to do everything yourself when you come back home, fill water, ensure the temperature of the water is just right, which really makes everything pointless. With inflatable hot tubs, before you leave for work you can inflate the tub, fill water inside and set the heat timer to start heating the water before you come back home.

Woman Relaxing In Inflatable Hot Tub

Yes, several products come with automatic heat settings. This way you all you will have to do when you come back home is get rid of the clothes and shows and jump right in.


Hydrotherapy comes highly recommended by medical professional and chiropractors when it comes to combating chronic joint related complications such as chronic pain, stiff joints, arthritis, tendonitis, diabetes and a lot of other health problems.

In fact, several medical practitioners prescribe the treatment. Hydrotherapy is relaxing the muscles soaking your entire body in warm water with water jets spraying water on your joint and muscles. Inflatable hot tubs come with built-in air jets, helping relieve stress on your joints.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Inflatable Spas And Hot Tubs

When it comes to purchasing a portable tub, there are several aspects you must keep in mind before making the final decision. Mentioned below are some important considerations to keep in mind when you’re browsing through a list of potential brands:

Deciding On the Size Of The Hot Tub

This is an important factor – you need to first think about how you plan to use the best inflatable hot tubs. Do you want to place one inside the house or do you want to use outside? The size of the inflatable spa will depend on the total available space – of course, if you want use it inside the house, you may have to get a smaller tub, especially if you live in an apartment or in a medium-sized house.

If you are looking to get a bigger spa – one that can accommodate up to 5 or 8 people, you will have to get a bigger spa, which may only useable outside the house.

Placing The Inflatable Hot Tub

After you make a decision on the size of the tub you want to go with, the next thing on the list is to give placement some thought. You need to carefully consider all the right places you can put the tub. However, mentioned below is a list of important things you should factor in when it comes to picking out a spot:

  • The place you select should allow for easy and quick water drainage – which isn't generally a problem unless the inflatable tub is placed on below the actual level of the terrain.
  • The placement of the tub should not result in additional plumbing expenses. For example, you should place the tub near the plumbing for your garden hose.
  • Inflatable hot tubs generate a warm, moist and humid atmosphere inside – which means the place you put the tub should be able to handle different environment factors such as mold.
  • The best-rated inflatable hot tubs are designed to be lightweight – however, the water you put in them can reach thousands of several hundred gallons – which is really heavy – which in turn means you need to put the tub on solid, concrete floor that does not give way.

Heat Adjustment Settings

This is a certain must! An inflatable tub with no heat setting is worthless. So, always opt for big brands and popular models that come with enhanced heat settings and a digital displace for you to easily control the temperature of the water. You can select between automatic and manual systems.

Inflatable Hut Tub Heat Adjustment

Spare Parts Should Be Available For The Product You Choose

It is highly recommended that you stick with choosing a product that comes with spare parts on the market. Easy and budget-friendly accessibility to the tub’s spare parts is a must, especially when the warranty period for the product is at end.

Small Inflatable Hot Tubs – Our Top 3 Recommendations

Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

The Coleman Inflatable hot tub is one of the best brands out there. The product is designed with a digital temperature control panel and has an automatic start and stop control when it comes to heating the water. You can easily set your desired water temperature and as soon as it happen, the heating will automatically stop and then start when the water begins cooling.


  • Integrated with massaging bubble jets
  • The tub is easy to operate and comes with automatic heat settings
  • ​Can accommodate up to 6 people at one time
  • The walls of the tub are manufactured using the company’s TriTech material for enhance durability and flexibility
  • Easy installation – no tools need
  • Comes with air pump and inflates quickly
Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub WIth People Outside

The spa is quite spacious and can accommodate 4 to 6 individuals at a time. Moreover, the Coleman hot tub is also incorporates with cutting-edge and cushioned air pads as its flooring. The entire tub is insulated through and through so that the heat remains inside.

Bestway Inflatable Hot Tub

The Miami inflatable spa designed by Bestway inflates in mere minutes can be ready in just as much time. The tub is incorporates with a cutting-edge Rapid Heating control panel, which is designed to heat all the water as quickly as possible. You can heat the water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Easy installation and setup
  • Comes with an air pump – which means you don’t require any tools
  • Fast water heating with max temperature 104°F
  • The digital panel is easy to use
  • Heat setting can be turned on and off automatically
Bestway SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub With People Outside

You can use the heat-setting panel – which has setting for a total of 120 air/bubble jets to relax your muscles and alleviate stress from your joints.

Intex Portable Inflatable Hot Tub

The PureSpa Bubble inflatable tub is designed by Intex, which is one of the market leaders when it comes to inflatable hot tubs. The tub is designed to offer you nothing but complete relaxation and calm to your entire body. The water is heated thanks to its efficient bubble jet system.


  • Integrated with a water softener treatment system to make the flow of water on your skin gentler
  • The product is also incorporated with a cutting-edge insulated cover lock for keeping the heat trapped inside the tub rather than escaping outside
  • The maintenance is simple – all you have to do is change 2 water filter cartridges, which are easy to take out and install
Intex 77-Inches PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set With People

The heating panel is easy to use and you can use to heat water quickly. The total number of bubble jets in the inflatable is 120, and can provide you with a relaxing body massage using water pressure and heat.

Bottom Line

All in all, there is no beating the relaxation and stress busting provided by quality inflatable hot tubs. Aforementioned are all the reasons you need to buy the best product on the market.

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